HABslayer AOPs

Advanced Oxidation Processes

ALARIVEAN employs nanobubble oxidation technology that has been previously used to remediate polluted lakes and integrates it with an onboard vessel-mounted delivery system for in situ remediation and/or elimination of the most harmful aquatic stressors at speed and ocean-scale. 

Ultra-fine bubbles (UFBs) are tiny (<100 nm diameter), negatively charged, highly pressurized bubbles of gas. UFBs can be used to saturate water with gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrogen, or ambient air to provide earth-friendly, sustainable solutions. Unlike larger bubbles that float to the surface, nanobubbles move horizontally in solution (according to Brownian motion) and disperse throughout the water column. Thanks to this unique property, nanobubbles can remain dispersed in water for months if left undisturbed and can therefore release their gas contents over an extended period of time. This contributes to the long-lasting remediation power of nanobubble technology in aquatic ecosystems.

"Nanobubbles Change the Game"

Using nanobubbles filled with oxygen and ozone has been shown successfully to neutralize biohazards (HABs, viruses, organic toxins) and precipitate pollutants out of solution (nitrogen, phosphorous, iron). Infusing water degraded by runoff, HABs, red tides, and dead zones with controlled levels of the right gasses (often oxygen and/or ozone) is a proven remediation method.  What isn't common practice is making this happen at meso-scale. 

Nanobubble technology is not new; there have been hundreds of lakes remediated by many different nano technologies around the world. However, most of these involve ceramic plates which require high gas pressures and are subject to seawater clogs. This renders most unable to process the many thousands of gallons per minute necessary to be effective for impactful ocean remediations. Other nano technologies involve heat generating or flow reducing internal mechanizations which render them ineffective for the advanced oxidation process (AOP) applications at the largest scales. Alarivean has exclusive rights to the only non-ceramic, full-flow-through gas generator that meets NOAA-determined ocean application requirements, a patented technology NOAA validated through a six month (and ongoing) Creative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between Alarivean and NOAA.  We will be sharing our test details with interested partners who value Ocean Regeneration in the millions of square miles like we do.

By helping oceans, lakes, and rivers to breathe better while removing HABs and neutralizing harmful contaminants we can enable self-repair of aquatic ecosystems and improve their resilience against environmental stressors. 

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