Solving Big Water Problems

Alarivean is on a mission to remediate harm & mitigate threats to critical aquatic ecosystems.  We deploy powerful oxidation systems aboard our novel-class SeaBreather vessels to fix problems like coastal pollution, nutrient loading, algae blooms, harmful emissions, dead zones, and more.

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Ounce of Prevention? Try Tons..

Our resilience programs feature nanobubble oxidation technology trusted worldwide for remediating polluted lakes and seawater. Alarivean’s key advantage is unparalleled control of oxidant and biologic infusions through vessel-mounted delivery systems that mitigate in-situ stressors (such as pollution and harmful algal blooms) at greater speed and scale. Program clients and their aquatic ecosystems benefit from relevant insight and expertise available through Alarivean’s collaboration with NOAA


Why Alarivean

We envision coastal communities thriving with healthy access to water, food and natural beauty.

We’re on a mission to strengthen aquatic ecosystems and control harmful emissions through resilience programs that deploy ocean-scale remediation technologies.