About Us

Alarivean is an all-natural water treatment company on a global mission to remediate stressed marine ecosystems and mitigate the release of aquatic-based GHGs.

We deploy powerful oxidation delivery systems mounted aboard our novel-class SeaBreather vessels to fix big water problems including coastal pollution, nutrient loading, harmful algae blooms (HABs), dead zones and greenhouse gas emissions.


Our Story

The Company was co-founded by Michael Corridan and David Landers in July 2021 and formed as a Delaware corporation in February 2022. Alarivean works closely with the U.S. Government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in commercializing the well-tested and proven science of Nanobubble Oxidation Technology (NBOT), and scales it to address some of the world’s most critical aquatic ecosystem crises.

With NBOT at the core, Alarivean is implementing a total system solution for an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) at an ocean scale.  The system is designed holistically to integrate NBOT with subsystems, including capabilities for precision-controlled use of ozone, selective application of biologics, and dynamic measurement, tuning & calibration to support at-sea operations.  All system modules are configured onboard a novel class vessel-mounted delivery platform that is responsive and enables in-situ coastal and open ocean interventions. 

Our Team