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Co-founded by Michael Corridan and David Landers in July 2021, and formed as a Delaware corporation in February 2022, Alarivean Inc. is developing technology to reverse the widespread impacts arising from unabated human-induced pollution and climate-related stressors that are posing a grave threat to the sustainability of our planet’s oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Alarivean management believes its technology is well-positioned to address pollution and climate-related challenges currently impacting our oceans. Alarivean’s technology is nature-based, and we believe it is economical and can be rapidly made actionable.

David Landers

Sydney, Founder

Michael Corridan

Scottsdale, Founder

Dr. Mayur Dev

Phoenix, R&D

David Roman

Phoenix, Catalyst

Nigel Rea

Dubai, Catalyst

Freya Richardson

Sydney, Biologist

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