Plastic Leachates

Agricultural runoff, soil erosion, and dumping of hazardous waste carries nutrients, minerals, untreated sewage, industrial waste, and construction debris into waterways and the ocean and poses a severe threat to both aquatic life and human health. While similar to nutrient pollution, this is not limited to nutrients but includes the leaching of heavy metals, debris, and other hazardous materials.

Using nanobubbles impregnated with oxygen and ozone has been shown to successfully neutralize biohazards (e.g., organic matter, HABs, viruses, organic toxins) and precipitate pollutants (e.g., nitrogen, phosphorous, heavy metals) out of solution (Tabla-Hernandez et al., 2020) . Infusing water degraded by runoff, HAB’s, and dead zones with controlled levels of oxygen and/or ozone is a proven remediation method (Tabla-Hernandez et al., 2020) .